Recreation Coach Introduction


The volunteer coach is the foundation of any recreational youth program. GSA volunteers make our recreational program one of the top soccer clubs in the state!   With over 2,000 recreational players at our combined locations, it takes over 300 volunteer coaches to run our recreational program each season. Needless to say, the volunteer coach is the heart of our club!  GSA supports our volunteer coaches in many ways.  The best part about the recreational program is that you don't have to be an expert to help out.  Our goal is to provide our volunteers with the tools they need to be successful and confident coaches!

Some of the resources we provide:


Coaching courses are offered year-round through the Georgia Youth Soccer Association. We host several of the beginning parent-coach courses right here at Rabbit Hill Park for your convenience.  Most course are taught by our very own staff members.   CLICK HERE for more information on the coaching courses.


Once you are registered as a coach, we will send you age-appropriate practice plans to you each week.  Courtesy of YouthSoccer101, practice plans will include pictures and videos of each activity, as well as an on-the-go printable link!  
We also have a full complement of practice plans you can view right now.  Check the Practice Plans and Game Rules section of this area.


GSA provides all new coaches with cones, pennies, balls and access to many training aids.  We also provide our head coaches with a new coaching shirt each season.  


The biggest perk to of volunteering as a coach is getting the opportunity to coach your own son or daughter (or family member).  Not only is your child guaranteed to be placed on your team, but it also can all but guarantee your player the opportunity to play.  If your child is not yet placed on a team or still on the wait list, volunteering as a coach can place them directly on your team, essentially moving your player to the front of the line!


Practice schedules are a hot topic at the beginning of every season.  With most families being pulled in many different directions during the week, GSA allows our volunteer coaches to select their practice preferences (day and time slot) each season.  This is especially beneficial to parents/volunteers who may be limited during the week.  We also accommodate coaches who want to coach multiple teams to limit the number of practice nights each week.