Mid-Season Academy Open House (11/9-12)

Mid-Season Academy Open House (11/9-12)

Has your son or daughter recently completed a Fall Rec season and you're looking for a little more soccer, a little more challenge, or a more consistent environment?  Or maybe your son or daughter took the Fall season off or previously played for another club?  We invite you to join us for our Mid-Season Academy Open House!

Our Open House series is designed to expose players 8U-12U (2014-2009 birth years) to an "academy" environment.  The GSA academy is well regarded for it's consistent training environment, professional staff, and is the backbone of our ECNL and SCCL programs which begin at 13U.

Registering for our Mid-Season Open House series allows players to see what the GSA Academy is like in a more natural environment.  Players who enjoy the experience and are evaluated by GSA staff as being a good fit for the Academy program are invited to join the program for the Spring season.  Note:  There is no commitment to join by attending the Mid-Season Open House.

Is the Academy right for my child?  We get asked this question A LOT.  If your son or daughter LOVES soccer, seems to really excel compared to some of his peers in a recreation environment, or you are just looking to expose your player to a more focused training enviornment, then the GSA Academy is probably a great place to start!  We recommend attending both Open House sessions, and speaking to our Academy Staff to get their thoughts and feedback.

All Open House sessions are 100% free, BUT YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE by Monday, November 9th.

See the links at the bottom of the page for the full schedule/times/locations, and a link to register!

To speak with an Academy Staff Coach, please reach out to the most appropriate coach listed below:


2020-21 GSA Academy Staff
North/Dacula Staff
Boys Director Karl Hedley - karl@gsasoccer.com
08U Boys Tom Wilson - tom@gsasoccer.com
09U Boys Ricky Wolff - rickywolff@gsasoccer.com
10U Boys Jason Guzzardo - jasonguzzardo@gsasoccer.com
11U Boys Cameron Grassmyer - cameron@gsasoccer.com
12U Boys Steve DeCou - stevedecou@gsasoccer.com
Girls Director Nate Umberg - nate@gsasoccer.com
08U Girls Jeff Tinklepaugh - jeff@gsasoccer.com
09U Girls Jeff Tinklepaugh - jeff@gsasoccer.com
10U Girls Luke Holmes - luke@gsasoccer.com
11U Girls Mike Burrell - mike@gsasoccer.com
12U Girls Nate Umberg - nate@gsasoccer.com
South/Lilburn Staff
Boys Director Dusty Fouser - dfouser@gsasoccer.com
08U Boys Tom Wilson - tom@gsasoccer.com
09U Boys Travis Marx - travis@gsasoccer.com
10U Boys Dusty Fouser - dfouser@gsasoccer.com
11U Boys Cedric Marshall - cedric@gsasoccer.com
12U Boys Dusty Fouser - dfouser@gsasoccer.com
Girls Director Judson Hamby - judson@gsasoccer.com
08U Girls Jane Matejcik - jane@gsasoccer.com
09U Girls Jane Matejcik - jane@gsasoccer.com
10U Girls Carnel Creary - carnel@gsasoccer.com
11U Girls Judson Hamby - judson@gsasoccer.com
12U Girls Craig Lovingood - craig@gsasoccer.com